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What We Believe

Unconditional Care

Our unconditional approach to oncology care puts science for patients first. We discover opportunities to bring innovative, life-changing therapies to people living with cancer. We provide solutions that go beyond treatment alone to encompass the whole person. With conscientious decision-making, every action we take aligns with our values.

Our bold approach to science centers on discovering transformative therapies for the unmet needs of people living with cancer. We’ve created groundbreaking clinical study designs that take participants’ input into account, shifting the emphasis from the molecules being tested to the people volunteering in our studies. An open-platform approach drives a diverse pipeline with complementary combinations of molecules and mechanisms of action that address multiple tumor types.

We care for people living with cancer beyond treatment so they can have an improved care experience that is more comprehensive, meaningful, and personal. In the end, we measure our success by the number of patients and their loved ones whose lives we improve. We believe we can change the future of oncology by improving the lives of people living with cancer worldwide. 

Our Values
Thumbnail representing TESARO's passion for improving care for people living with cancer


We have a driving passion for people living with cancer. It’s at the heart of all we do, driving every action with an urgency to improve care that’s unconditional. 

Thumbnail representing that TESARO takes on audacious goals


We take audacious steps and calculated risks, overcoming any obstacle to achieve our goals with essential integrity. 

Thumbnail representing that TESARO acts as fully present, mindfully engaged, respectful, and adaptable individuals


We are fully present, mindfully engaged, respectful, and adaptable individuals.

Thumbnail representing TESARO's focus on collaboration and relationships


We focus our collaborative nature on creating relationships that engender diversity and different perspectives, earning trust and respect.

Thumbnail representing TESARO's belief in making decisions that enable sustainability


We practice mindful stewardship, ensuring integrated approaches to make meaningful decisions that enable long-term continuity.