TESARO is a patient-oriented cancer therapeutics company. We actively seek collaborators who are interested in furthering our global mission to responsibly develop best-in-class drugs for patients with advanced cancers of various types.


Our growing pipeline includes drugs that selectively kill cancer cells, relieve immunosuppression within the tumor microenvironment, and activate potent anti-tumor T-cell responses. Major goals for our preclinical and translational research program include understanding the mechanism-of-action of new medicines, discovering and applying novel biomarkers to identify patients most likely to benefit from treatment, and informing new combination treatment strategies for patients with advanced cancers.

TESARO’s Areas of Research Interest

  • Oncology focused research that provides novel insight and scientific rationale for TESARO’s existing portfolio in a disease area of interest
  • Mechanistic understanding of basic biology supporting our pipeline targets
  • New in vitro and in vivo models that enable investigations into mechanism of action or inform translational strategies
  • Discovery of innovative pharmacodynamic biomarkers for efficacy or safety
  • Identification of predictive biomarkers for patient selection or stratification
  • Translational studies that further our understanding of immune-oncology targets and the tumor micro-environment
  • Innovative combinations with strong scientific rationale for targeted therapies and/or biologics
  • Emerging areas of cancer biology

Researcher Requirements

  • You are qualified by training and experience to undertake the proposed research
  • The idea is yours and the research materials will be authored by you
  • You are not seeking funding for research that would otherwise be paid for by your institution
  • You have the ability to grant an option to license inventions arising from the research to TESARO

Researcher Responsibilities

  • Design and execution of the research with timely communication of results to TESARO
  • Compliance with all local laws and regulatory requirements
  • Analysis and reporting of results

TESARO's Review Criteria

  • Designed to address a legitimate scientific question related to the use of a TESARO product, product candidate or disease area of interest
  • Aligned with TESARO's preclinical research strategy
  • Scientifically rigorous and capable of answering the study hypothesis
  • Conducted by a qualified investigator at a facility with appropriate experience conducting research activities

TESARO’s Timelines for Review

Preclinical submissions can be submitted at any time and are reviewed on a monthly basis.