We aim to accelerate the identification and advancement of new patient centered therapeutic concepts into development through strong academic and industry research partnerships.

GROW (Global Research Opportunities for Wellness) is a strategic, relationship centric approach to identify and nurture preclinical research opportunities for new therapeutic concept creation and areas of oncology research important to improving the lives of cancer patients. Core components of GROW include Drug Hunting Partnerships and Therapeutic Concept Research.

Drug Hunting Partnerships

We look for promising partnerships focused toward the development of clinical drug candidates for cancer patients. Ideal partnerships involve research centric groups or organizations seeking development partners to advance new therapeutic concepts toward clinical candidates. The ultimate aim is to progress appropriate clinical candidates into clinical trials.

Therapeutic Concept Research

We are seeking promising partnerships to develop research that may result in the identification/validation of a biological target, therapeutic concept or technology platform that would enable the development of new cancer therapeutics.

To learn more, contact us at : strategicpartnerships@tesarobio.com

Therapeutic Concepts of interest

  • Small molecule and biologics based modalities
  • Elimination of immune suppression in the tumor
  • Targeted induction of immunogenic cancer cell death
  • Enhancement of APC function or T-cell/macrophage effector activity
  • Modulation of DNA damage repair in the tumor
  • Novel targeted therapies associated with distinct cancer patient populations
  • Novel technology platforms with focused applications to cancer treatment